Overcoming Financial Obstacles

Solutions is very dedicated to helping everyone struggling with addiction, regardless of their ability to pay for services. We believe that finances should never come between someone trying to live a sober and independent life. We are extremely fortunate that there are organizations and individuals who make it a priority to help us meet that goal. The following scholarship funds are provided by those who have been affected by addiction and have made it a part of their life’s purpose to support us and our clients who are seeking a life of freedom from this deadly disease.

Cross Timbers Church

Cross Timbers Community Church

Residential and Clinical Services

Cross Timbers Community Church has been a dedicated supporter of Solutions since 2008. Through their membership to the church, our Founder and his wife made it a priority to inform Cross Timbers leadership about their plans and sought guidance through them on multiple occasions. Cross Timbers Community Church and the Cross Timbers Hope Center have since gone above and beyond for Solutions every chance they get. Whenever there is a need, Cross Timbers and their fellowship are there to assist in any way they can. Providing scholarships for those seeking recovery is just one of the amazing things that the wonderful people at Cross Timbers do for their community.

The Branch Church

The Branch Church

Residential Services

Since 2014, The Branch Church has supported Solutions of North Texas and our clients, providing scholarships to those seeking recovery and even getting our clients gifts during Christmas. Their impact on the community and our clients is immense. The Branch Church believes in humanity, salvation, and transformation, and they prove that each and every time they take someone’s hand and help them get themselves out of a difficult situation.

Timothy O'Farrell Recovery

Timothy O’Farrell Recovery

Residential and Clinical Services

“The leadership at Solutions has integrity; they say what they mean and mean what they say. You know where you stand with them, which is something I really appreciate. When I first started Timothy O’Farrell Recovery, they were my first choice. If I was going to do something that was going to help people, I wanted to be associated with people that had a good reputation. As our relationship has grown, I have had lunch with them several times to ask their thoughts on things. I call and ask them what they think about something that I am wanting to do. Solutions is the template for which all sober living should be set up.”

~ Vincent Webb, November 26, 1960 – August 22, 2021

Caleb VanSickle Memorial Scholarship Fund

Caleb VanSickle Memorial Scholarship Fund

Residential Services

“Caleb had a very tender, loving, and compassionate heart. He loved unconditionally and without boundaries or judgement. Caleb reached out to those who were suffering and suffered with them. Caleb stood up to bullies and friended those who felt rejected. Caleb tried very hard to beat the beast of addiction and encouraged others to fight it as well. Our family learned a lot from Caleb about love, being unselfish, and helping others. We started this scholarship fund to honor Caleb. Caleb’s character taught us so much. Like him, we want to help others. We especially want to help others go into recovery and do what he was unable to do.”

Denton County Cares - United Way of Denton County, Inc.

United Way of Denton County

Clinical Services

United Way of Denton County, working in conjunction with Denton County Cares, has awarded scholarship funds to Solutions of North Texas for incoming clinical clients that have no resources. This dedication to making their community better is just one of the reasons the United Way is a valuable institution for all. United Way of Denton County and Denton County Cares has made it possible for us to continue providing treatment services to ALL who seek it, regardless of their ability to pay.

round Thrifted It logo

Thrifted It Resale and Donation Center

Female Residential Services

Thrifted It Resale and Donation Center is a newly established store in Justin, TX, offering high quality clothing, household items, furniture, electronics, and so much more at highly discounted rates. In addition to providing Denton County with affordable treasures, Thrifted It has also partnered with Solutions to help women enroll in residential services. The owners of Thrifted It have a deep passion for helping others, especially those looking to get sober. Proceeds from sales go toward the first month of residential services for women who qualify.

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