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Sober Living+ Our Flagship Program!    

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Whether you call it Sober Living, Recovery Residences, ¾ House, or Transitional Living – Our laser focused mission is and always has been to provide superior housing for men and women who are currently struggling with alcoholism and/or drug addiction.

Built on our Founders personal experiences, this program addresses the key time in one’s recovery. Many of us have tried to stay sober many times only to fall flat on our face. Early recovery is perhaps the most significant time. Unprepared and the daily grind of reestablishing our lives can get to be too much for us, not to mention personal tragedies. With all the distractions and pitfalls in front of us it became clear that for many of us, something was missing. Something BIG was needed to get us from shaky ground to solid foundations on which we could build. Sober Living+ is just that. A Highly Structured and Educational Residential Program designed to provide everything one needs to be successful in recovery- No Matter What!

Sober Living + is so much more than just staying clean!

Most important to us was the fact that we make this industry leading program available and affordable to almost anyone. If you are willing to work a full time job, you make enough money to join us, even if your job only pays minimum wage. Here is the best part about work, if you don’t have a job, we will help you find one though our job search program. Since 2006 we have helped countless men and women find jobs. Although you may require financial help from a friend or family member to cover your first 45 days, everyone is able to pay their own way from that point forward. When you think about it, paying bills on time, or at all, is a skill that most of us struggled with in our addiction and is a vital part of self-sufficiency. Our experience shows us that if we do not learn to stand on our own two feet, becoming financially accountable and self-sufficient – we will always return to crisis mode and never beat our addiction(s).

Listed below are many services built in to  Sober Living+

  • Safe, Stable, & Clean Housing
  • Food & Meal Planning/Cooking
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening
  • In-House 12-Step Meetings
  • Faith Based Track
  • Outreach Training
  • Education Goal Planning
  • Progress Reviews
  • Job Search Orientation
  • Resume Building
  • Job Search Progress
  • Relational Wellness
  • Budgeting & Financial planning
  • Financial Accountability
  • Savings/Banking Plan
  • Exit Strategies
  • Incident Reports
  • Mentoring Program
  • Career Strategies
  • Re-Entry Plan & Execution


Men’s Housing

  • Seth’s House – In Memory of Bradford “Seth” Rakestraw (Click pictures for larger image)

Picture of Seth's House-Sober LivingPicture of Seth's House Outside-Sober Living

  • Jerry’s House – In Memory of Jerry Mars (Click pictures for larger image)

Picture of Jerry's House-Sober LivingPicture of Jerry's House Outside-Sober Living

Women’s Housing

  • Kathy’s House – In Memory of Kathy Wisenbaker (Click pictures for larger image)

Picture of Kathy's House-Sober LivingPicture of Kathy's House Table-Sober Living