Recovered Through Christ

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A Christ Based 12-Step Biblical Study

When developing our Recovered Through Christ study we looked long and hard at a number of recovery programs. Starting with the very first 12-step program, Alcoholics Anonymous, we see AA understood, in order to recover on a permanent basis, one must do the work thoroughly and efficiently. They knew our main purpose had to be to fit ourselves, to be of maximum service to God and those around us. AA also wanted to keep the door open for anyone despite their religious background; as a result they let each person use their own understanding of exactly who God is as long as they used the following guidelines; God has to be all powerful, all inclusive, never forbidding, and open to those who seek Him. In other words, he had to be all good and no bad, the Alpha and the Omega, but this was as far as they went in leaving the door open for anyone.

For many of us there is no question as to who God is. We believe that the path to God is through the son Jesus Christ, and we wish to say so openly. We are allowed in 12-step programs to use Christ as our higher power but we desire a fellowship where Christ is the main focus and there is no question or interpretation.

Recovered Through Christ, is a combination of the early aspects of action oriented 12-step programs, the Basic Text from Alcoholics Anonymous, and the Bible. Every single principle that can be found in the Basic Text comes from the Bible. It shows us how to take spiritual principles and apply them to our everyday lives with clear cut directions. These directions have saved the lives of countless men and women and are the foundation of all 12-step programs. The method the early 12-step program used yielded a success rate of 75-92% by keeping things very simple. You do the work, you do it quickly, you seek God, and you help others do the same. By following these simple rules anyone can, and will, find God. As we start to live by spiritual principles and seek God He will reveal Himself to us every time. The scenario plays out time and time again.

Recovered Through Christ is Available

Recovered Through Christ is made available to everyone we work with, we encourage you to contact us and get involved. Although we developed Recovered Through Christ for our residents, we would consider sharing our literature and program with a support group, Bible study, or church.