Jan Pompei: Crisis Interventionist



“Solutions of North Texas’s Intervention Services have successfully restored HOPE and HAPPINESS within our family and has set us ALL on a path towards full recovery.”                                               —a grateful client from 2016


  • Family Consult and Mapping

Family input is crucial in this process. Solutions sits down with the family to get a clear picture of what has been happening with their loved one, bringing together as many family members that are willing to participate to talk about what their experience has been. We gather history, talk about fears and concerns and come up with the appropriate approach for each situation. No 2 situations are the same, every intervention process is tailored to the family’s needs.

  • Treatment / Recovery Center Placement:

SONTX, in conjunction with the family, selects the appropriate treatment setting for the client. This is done by matching the right center for the family’s specific needs, always having the best interest of the addict in mind. We gather insurance information, evaluate detox needs, age appropriate treatment, medical and mental health concerns and considerations and available resources to come up with the most effective treatment experience. Whether they are dealing with co-occurring disorders such as depression, PTSD, disordered eating or trauma, we will find the right marriage of services, a treatment provider that is best suited to provide the appropriate services for the client.

  • Escort/Transport:

SONTX has a variety of door to door transport options available nationwide. We make all of the arrangements minimizing the burden on the family wherever possible.

  • Consulting:

Our Crisis Interventionists continue to act as the liaison between the family and the Center. This allows the family the opportunity for a more customized approach to their specific needs and to have an objective professional on their team to give voice to their questions and concerns through what can be a difficult time.

  • Family Wellness:

Addiction is a family disease. We help the family understand the difference between enabling and loving, and how what makes sense to them as far as being helpful and nurturing actually gets turned on its head when dealing with alcoholism and chemical dependency. We provide guidance and support the familyto help uncover what is truth from fiction, educate them to better understand the disease of addiction and provide strategies towards changing their mindset around their loved one. We offer 3 family sessions during the course of an intervention process.

  • Aftercare Referrals and Placement:

Our Crisis Interventionist will collaborate with the treatment provider, the family and our team of recovery specialists to help customize an aftercare plan for both the short and long term including but not limited to: IOP, Sober Living, Counseling and Mental Health resources.