Collaborative Recovery & Re-Entry Program

“It may seem incredible that these men are to become happy, respected, and useful once more. How can they rise out of such misery, bad repute and hopelessness? The practical answer is that since these things have happened among us, they can happen with you. Should you wish them above all else, and be willing to make use of our experience, we are sure they will come. The age of miracles is still with us. Our own recovery proves that!” – The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous p. 153

Since Solutions’ inception in 2006, we have worked closely with every population that encounters those struggling with addiction. This includes, but is not limited to, the Denton County Specialty Courts, Sheriffs and Police Departments, lawyers, CPS, judges, and more. Through those relationships, we have developed a collaborative recovery and re-entry program that will act as a transitional service to individuals that have found themselves incarcerated and are hoping to change the course of their lives.

This program will greatly impact our community by lowering substance-related recidivism rates, saving tax dollars, and relieving financial strain on judicial, corrections, and healthcare entities. But the individual suffering with alcoholism and drug addiction gets the greatest payoff of all – freedom from addiction.

While incarcerated, candidates for the Recovery/Treatment Pod will be qualified by answering two simple questions:

  1. Do you believe you have a substance use issue?
  2. Would you like help while you’re here?

Once qualified, each participant will spend their time in the facility receiving recovery and re-entry education for their substance use disorder utilizing our innovative online delivery platform. After completion and release from custody, the client can choose to continue their recovery journey through their continued work in The Solution program format, or at an aftercare facility of their choosing. Working in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Office detention officers, Solutions staff will facilitate the entire program in a way that best meets the needs of the Sheriff’s Office. This can be done through staff training of Sheriff’s Office personnel to conduct the facilitation, and/or Solutions’ staff facilitation through the innovative online platform. The program consists of a comprehensive 12-week curriculum that has evolved over the last 17 years into a proven, rigorous, and effective program that yields positive and predictable results.

Goals of the Program:

  • Educate participant how to recover by providing the tools necessary to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety
  • Educate participants how to be financially and emotionally independent
  • Provide re-entry strategies including effective job search training.
  • Provide accountability in participants through oversight and adherence to a personalized plan
  • Participants will demonstrate a clear understanding of the dynamics of substance use as they relate personally, and routinely identify situations or other factors that could pose a risk to sobriety.
  • Participants will possess sufficient coping strategies to successfully manage substance use challenges.
  • Participants will begin successfully utilizing social, vocational, physical, spiritual, and emotional support systems to maintain sobriety.
  • Participants will report a significant improvement in mood and sense of well-being.
  • Participants may complete The Solution program after their release from the facility, utilizing the same online platform modified for this purpose.

Topics Covered in the Program:

  • Disease Model of Addiction
  • 12-Step Recovery
  • Sponsorship
  • Self-examination skills
  • Defining Personally Meaningful Values and Principles
  • Improving Support Networks
  • Family Dynamics of Addiction
  • Career Development
  • Coping with Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Shame in Recovery
  • Repairing Harm Caused by Addictive Behaviors
  • Helping Others Struggling with Addiction

Interested in Providing Treatment in a Corrections Facility?

Important Information for Detention Facilities

The Solution is a proven addiction recovery & reintegration program developed by Scott Wisenbaker and Solutions of North Texas over the past 17 years in collaboration with law enforcement and the community. Solutions’ programming has provided services to 20,000 people and placed over 14,000 employees in the local workforce, upholding the organization’s commitment to helping clients become financially independent.

Since the conception of The Solution arose, our organization has been collecting data from various Sheriff’s Departments, Police Departments, and other judicial entities, such as the Department of Justice. According to this data, approximately 60% of inmates are incarcerated for substance-related offenses. Peripheral crimes related to addiction make up an additional 30%. This means that upward of 90% of incarcerated individuals can credit substances for their charges. The data also shows that only 10% of current county inmates will go to prison, leaving 90% to return to our communities. According to the aforementioned populations, the recidivism rate for addiction related crime is close to 70%. We believe that The Solution is the answer to this problem.

This program has been painstakingly developed and implemented by those who have lived through their addiction, have subsequently recovered, and have successfully reintegrated into the community. It is uniquely useful to those suffering with addiction because it has the combined experience of 27 years of drug enforcement and 29 years of sobriety after 42 substance-related arrests. Recently, Solutions of North Texas has partnered with I.G.N.I.T.E. through the National Sheriff’s Association to make this groundbreaking program available. While The Solution is available in participating county jails, the “Free-World” version has been made available nationwide.

It is important to note that this program is scalable and does not require additional infrastructure. Additionally, the funding necessary to implement The Solution is currently available to each detention facility through commissary funds, drug seizure funds, and the Opioid Settlement funding. Give us a call at the number below to learn how you can access these funds.

It is also important to note the advantages of this program. The content is comprehensive for all, regardless of their education or literacy levels. It is also specifically designed to follow the participant back into the community, increasing likelihood of long-term, successful re-entry and recovery. Additionally, it is a rotating curriculum, which allows for drop-in enrollments. Therefore, there is no waiting period for someone who’s seeking help. For the detention facilities, there is little to no staffing impact and only a 0.00 – 4.00% budget impact! And it only takes 30 days to successfully implement this program into the facility. Overall, The Solution is a perfect complement to existing programs and is easily accessible to any detention center. If you’re interested in learning more, please call 940-898-6202 and ask for Scott Wisenbaker.

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The Solution - 90-Day Addiction Recovery & Re-Entry In-House Jail Program - Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

“Solutions of North Texas (SONTX) is a proven program to assist in fighting drug addiction. At a time when the overdose on drugs resulting in death in thousands of instances is plaguing primarily our young people; a solution to reduce addiction by those who are in need and willing to participate has never been more important. SONTX offers such a program. SONTX has been accredited by the Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Care. Actual overdose deaths can be found by researching “Drug Overdose Deaths in the U.S in 2021” or visiting In addition to rehabilitation, it will reduce the average daily jail population due to the elimination of some percent of drug repeat offenders. I encourage you to take the time to learn more about the success of this program. I am confident you will be surprised and impressed.”

– Sheriff Harold W. Eavenson (Ret.)

Twenty Years as Sheriff of Rockwall County Texas, retired effective January 1, 2021

Past President of the National Sheriff’ Association (NSA), June 2017 to June 2018

Co-Chair NSA Border Security Committee, 2014 to 2021