Internships are exciting opportunities we offer to students at our local colleges to get an up close look at all the aspects of recovery—from family services to intake to life skills and case management. SONTX also partners with the internship professors at the universities to keep up with current course standards and practices and students are required to provide goals for their internship. This helps us to create an atmosphere for an intern that gives them the foundational skills required to start their work with addicts.

Picture of Intern

Interns have “employee status” with SONTX from the moment they start their internship.  Students sit in on intakes, family sessions, progress reviews, staff meetings and planning meetings. They are introduced to every aspect of non-profit management and recovery. We ask students to write a summary after each meeting they attend, giving us their perspective. Interns may also work on a semester long project tailored to their individual skills—which often helps interns define the actual area they want to work in after graduation.

Interns have “employee status” with SONTX

We often have groups of students working on smaller internships at any given time.  Some are individual projects requiring only a few hours of advocacy, others may be a team effort that requires the students plan or attend a fundraising event. We are always in the process of broadening our partnerships in the community and the advocacy projects at  UNT and TWU are great avenues to consistently get our programs introduced to the community.  Of course, fundraising is also a daily part of the non-profit world and we often give opportunities to our interns to get some fundraising experience under their belt.

SONTX encourages you to go beyond our office walls as well. They are invited to attend meetings with the residents, volunteer at events, join staff events outside of the regular day.

We enjoy our internship experiences and hope that our interns do, as well. We are always happy to foster relationships with the next generation of counselors and therapists that will be working in the addiction and recovery field.

If you are interested in applying for an internship at Solutions, please contact Michelle at 940-898-6202 to set up an appt.