Get Involved

At Solutions of North Texas, once you get involved, your actions will make a monumental difference in the lives of countless individuals, families, and children. We all know someone who has been affected by addiction in one way or another as they can be found in our schools, workplace, churches, and even our own family. As a rapidly growing agency in the recovery field, we are always looking for talented volunteers even though you may have no background or prior knowledge of addiction.

Picture of Men Welding-Get Involved

Get Involved

Day in and day out, we are faced with the same challenges as every business operating in today’s economy. At Solutions of North Texas as a non-profit, we are always watching the bottom line and seeking innovative ways to bring in more capital while reducing labor costs. Possibly you, or someone you know, is gifted in finances, public speaking, light construction/repair, grant writing, or just well-organized with a sincere desire to help. All of these skills are helpful, leaving you with the satisfaction of making a real difference, reassembling broken families, and actually saving lives.

From huge financial savings to our community as a whole, to watching lives transform in front of your very eyes, there are few opportunities more meaningful and rewarding.

Everything starts with a tour of the property, meeting our staff, and an introduction to the incredible lifesaving work that we perform on a daily basis. Once you get involved, you may never want to stop, once each of us decided to get involved-we never left.

We do not feel as though this is a job or even a career, we found this to be our calling. From board members to volunteer office positions, we are whole heartedly sold out on the vision of helping others.

It all starts once you decide to get involved.