Events that save lives, who knew making a difference could be so much fun?

2015 Banquet

Picture of outdoor event

As a non-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, these are our primary fundraisers to ensure we are able to continue our work. We have learned that there is seldom just one function that fits everyone; therefore we have developed a number of events both big and small so that everyone may find one they can participate in.

Although most events are to raise money, not every event is about money. Some events are just about our residents and their families. In the past we have hosted interior decoration parties and make-over weekends complete with make-up consultations and hair design. These have lasting impressions on our female residents often helping these women reestablish their self-worth and experience the love of others whose only desire is to be of service.

Special Events

At our men’s facility we have built bike racks, fixed bicycles, watched sporting events and held workshops to cook the perfect rack of ribs on a grill. Again, many of these have nothing to do with money; their value cannot be monetarily measured. They are about speaking life into the men, women, and families we are here to serve.

Our primary fundraiser for the year – The Solutions of North Texas Banquet is held each January.

Picture of Recovery Ride-Event