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Izzy & Gage - Donations to Solutions of North Texas - SONTXMeet Izzy and Gage. Izzy is a client in Solutions’ return-to-monitor house after successfully completing our residential program. Prior to coming into Solutions, Izzy’s life was far from what she wanted. Throughout her addiction to methamphetamine, Izzy lost her kids, her family, her home, countless jobs, and her freedom. She had numerous health issues due to her addiction – hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, severe malnutrition, etc. She couldn’t hold a job, lost everyone’s trust, wasn’t reliable, had no emotional stability, and she was full of fear all the time. Although she tried getting sober, she did it without a strong recovery program, which led to countless relapses. Izzy felt hopeless, alone, and scared.

While in jail again, Izzy met Scott Wisenbaker, Founder and Executive Director of Solutions of North Texas. He informed her of another option – a recovery program that could save her life and break the cycle. So, Izzy came into Solutions’ residential program in 2018. She quickly obtained a job and started to gain some financial stability. She left an abusive relationship. She started taking responsibility and addressed her legal issues. She rebuilt relationships with her parents and children. She developed healthy friendships that she still has today. Her health improved. Izzy started learning how to live life. She has a sense of purpose – new discipline – new perspectives. She’s able to set and meet goals. Most importantly, she is able and willing to be of help to others. And now? She has regained custody of her beautiful son, Gage.

The change we have seen in Izzy’s life is a daily reminder that recovery is possible. It is never too late to ask for help or take it when it’s offered – we’re here and we can help. So, help us continue to guide people like Izzy to a life free from the destruction of addiction. Your gift matters. It saves lives. Donate today!