Passionate – Dedicated – Committed

We have an amazing staff here at Solutions. Each team member has the personal experience, passion, determination, and selflessness that every organization strives to have on their staff. These individuals are uniquely qualified to work with those in recovery because they’ve been there themselves. They have lived in the trenches and come out the other side happy, joyous, and free. There is no end to the dedication that these people show to our clients and their families. Day by day, the Solutions family makes it their life’s work to guide people toward freedom from their addiction.

Regan Browne – Intake Coordinator at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Regan Browne

Intake Coordinator

Regan is the Intake Coordinator at Solutions and oversees the intake process for incoming residential and clinical clients and provides assessments and evaluations for attorneys, probation, and other entities. Regan was accepted to East Central University with a full athletic scholarship, and she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. After graduation, Regan took part in the COPS program. What Regan was not prepared for was her addiction to alcohol and the three DWI’s she received within 5 years, which of course, derailed her career in the law enforcement industry. After attending detox and then rehab, Regan switched her focus to working in the substance abuse treatment industry, which is when she came to Solutions. Regan has also begun to pursue her Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of North Texas with the goal of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor. Additionally, she has been awarded the honor of acting as liaison between UNT and the National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) as the Student Representative. Regan dedicates her life to helping others that are experiencing the disastrous circumstances of their addiction every day. Regan is a professional botanist, forever growing her garden and she also has a passion for the Special Olympics and helps in that sector as much as she can.

William Bunnett, MA, LPC-Associate - Counselor at Solutions of North Texas - sober living program in Denton, Texas

William Bunnett, MA, LPC-Associate
Supervised by Dr. Paul A. Jurek, PhD, LPC, LPC-S


Will is a counselor for Solutions and works with clients who have been impacted by drug and alcohol addiction. Once he graduated with his Master of Arts in Psychology from Pacific University, he moved to North Texas in order to be closer to family and further his career in the addiction industry. Will is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience with his clients to help them understand their addictions and provide them with the tools they need to be successful in long-term recovery. He wants to help his clients achieve their goals that they didn’t think were initially possible due to their addictions and live a happy and fulfilling life. Outside of work, Will enjoys scuba diving, skiing, and fly fishing. He is also an avid Dallas Stars fan.

Jason Church – Director of Operations at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Jason Church

Director of Operations

Jason is the Operations Director of Solutions of North Texas. He oversees daily residential operations, program development, and compliance standards. As a person who struggled with substance abuse for 18 years, Jason is devoted to guiding those who seek the same freedom he found in his own sobriety and believes every person suffering from addiction should have the opportunity to grow into the life they are meant to have. Jason has a passion for cooking, and he is a talented drummer.

Rahna Cutting, LCDC, CFLE, LPC - Solutions of North Texas

Rahna Cutting, LCDC, LPC

Clinical Mentor

Rahna recently closed her private practice after 28-years. She initially started in addictions counseling then added other populations to her client base. She came from a family of counselors, as her father and brother were both LPC-Supervisors and LMFT-Supervisors also.

Her background in education allowed her to teach school. She has a Masters in Addictions Counseling as well as a Masters in Human Services, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her training and experience have given her a unique opportunity to be involved in family and criminal courts, with evaluations, counseling and testifying for both populations. Rahna’s credentials also include LPC-Supervisor.

Rahna is privileged to be the original clinician on both the Denton County DWI Repeat Offender Court program and the Denton County Veterans’ Court Treatment program. After a brief hiatus with the Veterans’ Court, Rahna returned to serving with that team. Previously she served as selected a juror on the Denton County Grand Jury. Now, after 28 years of private practice, Rahna has retired and currently works full-time as a Litigation Consultant for a local boutique
family law firm, as well as a mentor for the Solutions Clinical Staff.

Rahna has been married for 21+years to her Navy-veteran husband; she has six-children/stepchildren and five grandchildren. She is blessed beyond measure!

Dominique Derden, MS, LCDC – Counselor at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Dominique Derden, MS, LCDC


Dominique is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor working with SONTX since 2016. She earned both her bachelor’s in psychology and master’s in counseling from Texas Women’s University. Dominique is a member of Denton County’s Family Drug Court Treatment Team and has a passion for helping reunite families after the disease of addiction has separated them. She has presented on the topics of Professional Boundaries, Enabling v. Helping, and Gospel Centered 12-steps across social services fields locally. Dominique enjoys live music and spending time outside with her family.

Brenda Garza – Office Generalist at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Brenda Garza

Office Generalist

As Office Generalist, Brenda Garza is dedicated to greeting and assisting everyone who walks through the door. She also completes assorted administrative tasks to help maintain an organized and efficient workplace. Brenda especially enjoys her interactions with clients, and she values being able to support others with authenticity and humor. Her previous work experiences have prepared her well for the varied functions she performs as Office Generalist, and she is happy to be able to make a contribution to the organization’s mission of helping people achieve and maintain sobriety. Brenda enjoys detailing cars and playing video games in her spare time.

Elisha Gilley, LCDC-I - Counseling Intern at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Elisha Gilley, BA, LCDC-I

Counseling Intern

Elisha is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern who came onto the Solutions team in late 2020. She is in the process of completing her bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M University in Commerce. After struggling with her own addiction and working a recovery program herself, Elisha started working with other individuals in recovery. This has motivated her to pursue a career working with those who struggle with addiction. Elisha’s main interests include spending time with her two children and reading a history book while enjoying nature.

Ryan Mitchell, MS, LCDC – Clinical Director at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Ryan Mitchell, MS, LCDC

Clinical Director

Ryan is the Clinical Director for Solutions and oversees all outpatient services for our clients. After completing his Master of Science in Psychology, he returned to his hometown of Denton to make a positive impact on the community where he grew up. Ryan is dedicated to applying his knowledge base and counseling skills in the nonprofit industry, where he can be of maximum benefit to everyone. His goal is to help everybody live a full life, with value and meaning, using his experience with a wide range of addictive and substance-related disorders. In his spare time, Ryan can be found reading a science fiction or fantasy novel or practicing Jiu Jitsu.

Victor (Vic) Vines, MD, ABPM-Addiction, FASAM - Medical Director - SONTX

Hannah Moussa, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Hannah Moussa is an adult Psychiatrist. She earned a BA in Spanish from the University of North Texas. She attended medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio while serving in the Air Force Reserves Health Professions Scholarship program. She completed her general psychiatry residency in a combined program with San Antonio Uniformed Service Health Education Consortium and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Subsequent to residency Dr. Moussa was assigned to the 19th Medical Group at Little Rock Air Force Base as the Deputy Mental Health Flight Commander. She is an Operation Enduring Freedom War veteran. While deployed she served as the sole psychiatrist for the western half of Afghanistan.

Christina Nichols – Accounting Manager at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Christina McBride

Accounting Manager

Christina has worked at Solutions since 2011, going from Intake Coordinator to Admissions Director to her current position as Accounting Manager. Christina oversees all financial matters with vendors, clients, staff, and donors. Christina came through Solutions in 2009 and has over 10 years of recovery from her addiction and now uses her experiences and her passion for helping others to aid her in her journey with our organization. Christina spends her free time spending time with her kids and grandkids, traveling, doing crafts and sewing, and playing with her dog.

Sharon Primavera, MA, LPC, LCDC - Counselor at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Sharon Primavera, MA, LPC, LCDC


Sharon is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. She graduated from Dallas Baptist University in 1998 with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Academics and in 2013 with an M.A. in Counseling. Sharon became certified in Trauma through The Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma/Trauma Model Therapy in 2017. Prior to Solutions, Sharon worked as an outpatient therapist with teens and their families and worked inpatient as a Trauma therapist with adults and their families at a local mental health company. She provides a non-judgmental and compassionate atmosphere in which you can safely explore and work through feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that may be keeping you stuck in the cycle of addiction. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, crafting, spending time with family and friends, and yoga.

Casey Reilly - Community Engagement Specialist at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Casey Reilly

Giving Officer

Casey is the Giving Officer for Solutions and oversees donor relations, social media and print marketing, events, and the grant writing processes. Casey makes a tremendous impact on Solutions by bringing our internal and external communities together, spreading awareness of how we can help, and getting other organizations involved. Casey started her relationship with Solutions in 2006 as a volunteer and held that role until 2019, when she was ultimately offered a position on the staff. Casey holds a degree in Accounting and worked in the restaurant industry for 13 years before joining our team. She is a big fan of fantasy novels, comic books, and video games, and a collector of novelty coffee mugs and LEGO.

Jenn Schoner – Case Manager at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Jenn Schoner

Case Manager

As our Case Manager, Jenn helps residential and clinical clients navigate the waters of early sobriety by issuing referrals, monitoring progression, and collaborating with support systems such as family, probation, and specialty courts.  Jenn’s life has been marked with a rich diversity in experiences which she credits for appreciation of each person’s unique story. She worked in Staffing and Recruiting for 10 years, followed by 12 years of work in the field of Human Resources. This work experience, combined with her own story of addiction, lends beautifully to her role of Case Manager where she has an opportunity to encourage people on their path to new purpose. Jenn’s interests have always varied (show cattle, art history, hiking, sailing, sky diving, jet skiing) … so who knows what she’ll come up with next. Jenn is building a fun life with her husband, Ron – the SONTX Substance Abuse Program Tech, who is also active in the recovery community.  It should be noted that the stars of the show in their family are Apollo and Bunny – their beautiful puppies.

Ron Schoner - Substance Abuse Program Tech at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Ron Schoner

Substance Abuse Program Tech

Ron is the Substance Abuse Program Tech at Solutions and oversees maintenance and compliance, works closely with house staff, conducts orientation for new residents, and provides additional accountability for all clients. After struggling with his own addiction for 25 years, and experiencing a few passes through the Department of Corrections, Ron found freedom from his addiction on April 12, 2017. Ron has seen the bottom and knows what it takes to climb out from a hopeless state of mind and body of any impossible future one might have. He has an absolute passion for working with others and it’s not only now his lifestyle – it’s become his career. In his free time, Ron enjoys doing DIY projects with his wife, Jenn – the SONTX Case Manager – and playing with their dogs, Apollo and Bunny.

Leslie Wisenbaker - Admissions Director at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Leslie Wisenbaker

Admissions Director

Leslie is the Director of Admissions and oversees the intake team at Solutions. She works with our clients when they’re at their most vulnerable – the day they enter our program. Leslie’s background is in telecommunications, coming to this industry in 2007 to join Solutions with her husband and our Founder, Scott Wisenbaker. Leslie has a passion for helping people find their way to a life of freedom and their families find their own freedom while loving someone who suffers from addiction. She makes a difference every day with our clients, their families, and our staff by being a consistent, supportive, and loving advocate for change. Leslie is an amazing cook and thoroughly enjoys a good mystery novel.

Scott Wisenbaker - Founder and Executive Director at Solutions of North Texas - SONTX

Scott Wisenbaker

Founder & Executive Director

Scott Wisenbaker is a speaker, author, and Founding Executive Director of Solutions of North Texas. Sober since 1995, Scott has worked in the addiction field since 1997. In 2006, he saw the need for a unique approach to fighting addiction on a community level and a robust re-entry program to integrate men and women recovering from addiction back into the community. Therefore, he founded Solutions of North Texas. Scott has integrated himself into the very fabric of Denton County and now prioritizes educating the public on how to address addiction. Since 1997, Scott has made it his life’s mission to help as many individuals who struggle with addiction as possible. His work has changed over 14,000 lives, reduced recidivism, contributed to the workforce, and altered the way addiction is viewed in North Texas.