Our Mission

Growing Communities by Transforming Lives

Solutions of North Texas grows communities by transforming lives. We focus on relationships first to guide people with drug and alcohol problems to recovery: turning sickness into sobriety, selfishness into autonomy, and stubbornness into resilience. Our team delivers accessible and affordable services – crafting tailored solutions to address clients’ needs by instilling essential tools, honing skills, and instigating positive change – all aimed at fostering productive and meaningful lives.

SONTX Staff group photo - Solutions of North Texas - Sober Living Denton County

Our Vision

Help as Many People Currently Suffering as Possible

Our vision, simply put, is to help as many people as possible who are currently suffering from alcoholism and/or drug addiction. We realize that we cannot help everyone, however, we can help those who want the help and are ready for a change. We work with adult men and women, as well as their loved ones, providing exemplary substance abuse treatment services that address all facets of their addiction. This program of action and accountability proves time and time again that committed action and dedication will transform lives.

Recovery Begins Here

Core Values

We are 100% invested – each and every one of us – each and every step of the way. Our team believes in everything we do. We have all dedicated our lives to doing whatever it takes to carry this message to all who suffer with this deadly disease.
Our organization is built on our experiences in the trenches. We are uniquely qualified to address the circumstances of someone’s battle with addiction because the majority of us have been there ourselves and have found freedom through this amazing program. Personal recovery is found in every office here and we share our experience, strength, and hope every single day.
Every single person can have a life of peace and serenity. We provide services to all who struggle with addiction and want a life of freedom, regardless of race, gender, or financial circumstances. We can help anyone find a new life in recovery because we’ve been there, and we can show you how.
Our Founder made it a priority in 2006 to collaborate with all entities that can best serve our clients, from the police to lawyers and judges to Child Protective Services to medical clinics and so on. This is a practice we still implement every single day. We are always striving to learn from and teach those who work with our population. Open communication and partnerships save lives and help change how substance use disorder is viewed, reducing stigma and leading to a stronger foundation of recovery for all.

Leadership is of paramount importance to Solutions. We are constantly evolving, learning new things, having new experiences, and brainstorming new ideas. Each staff member is encouraged and supported in helping us continue to evolve – this comes with making decisions and leading each other toward solutions that benefit the organization and more importantly, the client.

Transparency and honesty – these are the commitments we make every day. We place principles before personalities, with our only goal being to help those who are suffering.